Tajanae, SaMyah & Isaiah


  • 8 year old Isaiah has no more pain in his leg.  His sister, Tajanae doesn’t have persistent H/A and stomach aches every day.  These began with trapped emotions from being bullied at school.  The fear is gone and she feels happier.…and SaMyah has been more calm and friendly around people.   She wasn’t before her Emotion Code session. She doesn’t cry and freak out like she used to when I get out of her sight.


  • Three year old Gabriella had been having temper tantrums. After her session she seemed to not be as stressed as usual and it was a very long for her. She went on a very long car trip the next day and was much calmer. When she got back from the trip she was more communicative and over all very happy and willing to listen to her mom.

Windy and Olivia


  • I’m Wendy and this is Olivia, a 4 year old border collie. I rescued her from running the street and chasing cars when she was just 8 weeks old. As she matured, she developed noise phobias. Fireworks and thunderstorms caused severe anxiety resulting in nervousness, drooling, shaking and hiding. I could provide some relief from her anxiety by premedicating with herbal supplements and she would wear thundershirt. After her session, it was about 2 days after that I noticed little changes in her attitude and personality. Olivia is more calm and relaxed and has been able to handle the thunderstorms with little or no effects at all. She is most certainly a happier girl!