Tajanae, SaMyah & Isaiah

8 year old Isaiah has no more pain in his leg.  His sister, Tajanae doesn’t have persistent H/A and stomach aches every day.  These began with trapped emotions from being bullied at school.  The fear is gone and she feels happier.…and SaMyah has been more calm and friendly around people.   She wasn’t before her Emotion Code session. She doesn’t cry and freak out like she used to when I get out of her sight


Three year old Gabriella had been having temper tantrums. After her session she seemed to not be as stressed as usual and it was a very long for her. She went on a very long car trip the next day and was much calmer. When she got back from the trip she was more communicative and over all very happy and willing to listen to her mom.

Windy and Olivia

I’m Wendy and this is Olivia, a 4 year old border collie. I rescued her from running the street and chasing cars when she was just 8 weeks old. As she matured, she developed noise phobias. Fireworks and thunderstorms caused severe anxiety resulting in nervousness, drooling, shaking and hiding. I could provide some relief from her anxiety by premedicating with herbal supplements and she would wear thundershirt. After her session, it was about 2 days after that I noticed little changes in her attitude and personality. Olivia is more calm and relaxed and has been able to handle the thunderstorms with little or no effects at all. She is most certainly a happier girl!


My name is Joey Martinez.  Last summer I was attacked by the neighbor's dog and had to have 60 stitches, skin graphs (from my leg), and physical therapy to get my hand and arm to work again.  I was 10 years old when it happened.  I still have physical therapy and may need another operation.  It was very scary when it happened.  I began having nightmares about it.  My grandma's friend, Karen, did heart wall removal on me and she helped me.  I was able to sleep in my own bed through out the night and wasn't as scared as I had been.  She gave me her phone number and I can call her if I need help.  Karen is cool and I'm lucky she could help me."

Reborn Teenager

I have spent years paying traditional therapists with only minimal results due to issues reoccurring.  I found Karen Downey in the Pueblo Holistic Directory. We first used the Heart Wall method and saw great results in dealing with old traumas. Then we moved onto Body Code work and the it all clicked. There was a major reduction in anxiety and depression. This process has created a reborn person who is now happy, mentally healthy, and healed

Kacki B.

Thanks and praise for Karen Downey and the Emotion and Body Code work she does.  A major part of total wellness is mental attitude, and getting that component is difficult when you don't feel well physically. The Emotion and Body Code work has improved my attitude; I am much more positive and I feel a lightness of being. I did not experience an "aha moment," but a gradual release of old issues that has brought a brighter outlook. This outlook helped me to make the decision to stop endless chemotherapy and its side effects. The things I have learned about myself are so helpful, the trapped emotions made so much sense. I am in a much better place thanks to Karen Downey.

Joyce Nielsen

August 9, 2016 · 

I have known Karen for close to 60 years and am always amazed at her ability to "give back" and be a gifted humanitarian. I have personally witnessed how beneficial her heart wall removal is in myself, my daughter, my brother, and a mutual friend of ours. I have always been open to many "insight and healing therapies" over the years, and gladly recommend Karen's help in ridding you of many of your struggles and "blocks".

Eva Mae Pisciotta

August 13, 2016 · 

I have experienced the body code process and have had my heart wall removed. I have found it freeing , exhilarating and liberating. I recommend it to anyone and wish I could afford everyone to experience your heart

Karen Spritzer

August 18, 2016 · 

I was rather intrigued by the Emotion code, and with each session gained a more clear picture of the concept. The patterns that came up and how they coincided with events throughout My life allowed  

Wendie Stauffer

August 25, 2016 · 

You've done it again Karen ~ discovererd something along the way for your own healing journey AND now bring it to others to support their healing journey ! ! ! Thank you for sharing your passion for helping others, myself included, Break free at last ! ! ! Congratulations to you and Ronda ! ! !

Sally Meissner

August 11, 2016 · 

As a person knowing how our emotions can affect our health and the limits that we put on ourselves holding back our full potential as beings of love and light through out life experiences we tend to contract and doubt and hold on to guilt, anger, resentment, pain whatever it may be that is not necessary nor beneficial to our growth or full potential of what we are capable of creating, or experiencing. Karens heart wall session was very beneficial to releasing so much that was holding me back that I hadn't even realized I was holding onto! Experiences I'd had as a child that I could not even remember were holding me back and causing me physical and emotional pain and guilt that was not even my own! But guilt I had put on myself because of situations that had happened! There was literally nothing to be guilty of, however I created that guilt. Thanks to Karen she was able to release that helping me to open my heart, helping me to be capable of love again and not just for others but for myself. I felt safe I felt I could trust myself again, I could love myself again and shine to do what I was created for to Love me to zero in and let go , even of times that I really didn't realize how Much of an impact they'd had . Karen is just Awesome and My results have been beneficial

Therese Young

August 6, 2016 · 

I was skeptical at first, as it took several heart wall sessions before I could really put my finger on any differences. I had one major issue in my life that led me to seek someone like Karen out. I raised three boys who have been in what seems like constant trouble. I really needed to be able to let go of my guilt over the bad decisions they have made in their lives and be able to sleep at night again. My guilt controlled me for years. Before I knew it, (literally) that guilt was gone..... I had to stop and remember why I started seeing Karen and when I did, that was when I realized I was not blaming myself anymore. I also started noticing other changes in me. I have always been very emotional when it comes to any kind of confrontation. I never ran from it, but always walked away in tears. I had an incident at work with an older co-worker where I needed to let them know the way they treated me was unacceptable. I found I was able to confront this individual, clearly state my case, and walk away with my head held high. This was a very different result for me. In addition, I had a man follow me into a parking lot and yell at me about how angry he was at me for tailgating him the whole way to our destination. I didn't realize I had done that and found myself apologizing to him, instead of becoming defensive. Wow, that was new! I am finally able to act and react to situations in my life with my true emotion for that situation at that moment. Up until recently, I was filled with so much built up anxiety, anger, pain and other negative emotions that they would all come out when I was in a stressful situation, making it impossible to control my emotions and sometimes my behaviors. I have found a peace that never existed within me before. I know this is the result of my heart wall sessions with Karen. What a gift she shares!

Jan Matzen

August 3, 2016 · 

I had several excellent sessions with Karen. She helped me release my back pain and she cleared my heart wall. It felt a bit like Freudian psychoanalysis but with immediate results!

Kathleen Kikel

August 9, 2016 · 

Karen and I have known each other since 7th grade. Our paths have crossed off and on for more than 50 years since we both chose professions to help ourselves and other people heal!! In the past, I had received healing through many various modalities including: twelve step meetings, counseling, hypnosis, meditation, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage to name a few, but the emotion code/body code was new to me. It took 8 or 9 sessions to remove my heart wall and at first I couldn't beleve how much "Stuff" I stll had stuck insde me. I began to get angry and wonder if I was a "Hopeless Case".
Karen encouraged me to STOP JUDGING. Be in the moment, and just let things unfold ------- this was hard cause my tendency is to ANALYZE and try very hard to figure everything out --- Eventually I began to STOP myself and come back to the moment. I realized all I have to do is SHOW UP and the emotion code/body code healing process does the rest. The emotions I had carried in my body for 70 years were FINALLY being released ! I began to feel "emotionally lighter". The pain in my knees began to improve -- And to use some of Karen's original words "I felt FREE FROM THE INSIDE OUT" ------- I will continue to do sessions with Karen as I feel necessary--------- and I encourage everyone who hears of this work to try the AMAZING EMOTION CODE/BODY CODE healing process !!!!!! Kathleen Kikel age 71

Vanessa Standard

December 3, 2018

Karen Downey is one of the most amazing, heart-felt, kind and intuitive Emotion/Body Code practitioners ever! She is truly amazing.  I found Karen when my 16 year old daughter was suffering greatly from anxiety and worry. I am so grateful for The love, support and gentleness Karen showed my daughter. And guess what?! My daughters anxiety lifted by more than half after Karen lifted her heart wall.  This work is miraculous! Also, Karen is a living, breathing example of what it really means to be empathic and compassionate. Thank you Karen!!!  ♥️