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When I first met Bob he had recently been relinquished to an equine rescue facility in rural Fountain, Colo. He was 5 years old, a very hotly bred and extremely high-quality purebred Arabian horse, and had been neglected for more than half of his life. His first owner, who by all accounts he loved, had died when he was 2 and the daughter that inherited the farm had no interest in horses, much less hot ones with bold, assertive personalities. Being a life-long competitive rider with roots in the Arabian industry, I fell in love with him immediately and adopted him a few months later.

But I also learned that Bob had some emotional baggage. He was guarded, had trust issues and was actually a bit bipolar about reciprocating affections. I knew that he loved me back, because he would call out to me when he saw me and immediately come to me in the pasture, but he wouldn’t drop his guard around other people and would get border-line unmanageable whenever things at the boarding facility got busy.

Karen and Ronda were gracious enough to do some heart wall work remotely on Bob and the results were interesting, to say the least. My feisty guy had experienced serious emotions of loss, abandonment, fear, hurt, loneliness, even crying, around the same time of his original owners’ death, as well as some emotions of sadness, grief and guilt around the same time we both had a bad crash. With their help, Bobby was able to let go of those emotions and move forward. He stopped worrying about everything and everyone around him and began to show that he trusted my husband and me.

Today he is completing an intensive 90-day training “boot camp” with an extraordinary horse trainer, and he is a different boy! He is more affectionate, comfortable, positive, and expressive than ever, and much more confident with his horsey responsibilities. I recently rode him for the first time since he hospitalized me more than a year prior, and the experience was magical.

I attribute his turn-around to a team of caregivers, trainer, health and wellness providers and owners who saw a horse worth the time and effort. Karen and Ronda’s work has been critical to him becoming the animal he now is.

Thank you, Karen and Ronda, from the bottom of Bob and my hearts: I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.  Regan F. owner Pueblo, CO