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What is a Heart Wall

 Have you ever wondered about the physical pain you have felt in or around your chest after a painful break-up, ending of a marriage, the death of a loved one or perhaps the ending of a job that you were passionate about?  This feeling of heaviness can feel just like an elephant sitting right in the middle of your chest.  You may have a lump in the middle of your throat, loss of appetite, lack of energy and just feel like someone cut off one of your legs.  These are some of the symptoms of what we call “heartache” or “heartbreak”.

Grief is the deepest pain we may feel in our lives.  Getting through it is a process and the only way through it is–through it.  However, having a “HEART WALL” can keep us stuck in this process.  The five stages of grief are anger, denial, bargaining, depression and eventually acceptance.  The Emotion Code and the Body Code system can assist with this process. This happens at the sub-conscious level. 

Our HEART is the core of our being, our spirit, also known as the seat of the soul and our second brain.  When our HEART has been wounded a couple of times or perhaps only once we start building a wall around it to protect us from being hurt again.  We call this the “HEART WALL”.

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 This wall or bomb shelter had a purpose at one time and served to protect us but after the bombs have stopped falling it no longer benefits us and in fact it harms us causing things like depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic, physical and emotional issues which lead to major illnesses.

It blocks our ability to give and receive love which hinders our living life to the fullest with clarity, happiness, abundance and joy!

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  • Burning Man Art, Having a heart wall can be blocking the love you are  capable of giving and receiving. A heart wall can also be creating  blocks mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Free your heart and let your spirit soar.