TajSaMIsa8 year old Isaiah has no more pain in his leg.  His sister, Tajanae doesn’t have persistent H/A and stomach aches every day.  These began with trapped emotions from being bullied at school.  The fear is gone and she feels happier.

…and SaMyah has been more calm and friendly around people.   She wasn’t before her Emotion Code session. She doesn’t cry and freak out like she used to when I get out of her sight.

Amber D. (Isaiah, SaMyah and Tajanae’s mom)

GabriellaThree year old Gabriella had been having temper tantrums. After her session she seemed to not be as stressed as usual and it was a very long day for her.

She went on a very long car trip the next day and was much calmer. When she got back from the trip she was more communicative and over all very happy and willing to listen to her mom.

Angel (Gabriella’s mom)

I was struggling with resentment for my mom. After treatment the next time I saw my mom the resentment was gone. Everything changed because the next time I saw my mom I was doing all the same things but without resentment.

Nel H.

RondaSmI had been having arm pain and couldn’t lift my arm over my head. After a session I could lift up my arm and the next day I had to call to say thanks for the treatment. It was the first day I have had a really good complete stretch with both arms overhead. I also had a pain below my ribs that I hadn’t been able to touch for years and now I can touch the area with no pain at all.

Ronda D.

Fifteen years ago I met Karen .   At that time, she was already a very good message therapist. More recently after not seeing her for many years, I met her again during a long period of depression and emotional turmoil that I was going through. I started going to Reiki/Reflexology sessions with her again, and my condition improved somewhat, but the Reiki energy wasn’t clearing away the nodes of unconscious, suppressed negative emotional energy that continued to affect me. The negative feelings would go away for a time, but they would eventually creep back in.

Then she announced she was learning the Emotion Code process for clearing trapped emotions and she needed volunteers to help her with the certification process. So of course, I volunteered. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, but as Karen guided me through it, I felt a profound effect right away as the process worked, clearing away all the trapped heartache the first session. I didn’t really do anything, she facility the energetic release. It literally felt like someone had removed a spear from my heart. Now after three more sessions, I’m really feeling like a new man, or rather who I’ve been all along, but just couldn’t be with all the crippling trapped emotions submerging my real self. I’m now coming out of the long illness of depression I’ve struggled with all my life. I was having severe anxiety and panic attacks, and those are going away as well.

Karen has an amazing facility with the Emotion Code process, and her work could change many lives for the better once she has all her training completed and her certification. I still have three more sessions to go, but I’m already feeling free of the burden of all the pain I’ve carried for years. I would recommend Karen Downey.

Brenan S.

I’m Wendy and this is Olivia, a 4 year old border collie. I rescued her from running the street and chasing cars when she was just 8 weeks old. As she matured, she developed noise phobias. Fireworks and thunderstorms caused severe anxiety resulting in nervousness, drooling, shaking and hiding. I could provide some relief from her anxiety by premedicating with herbal supplements and she would wear thundershirt.

After her session, it was about 2 days after that I noticed little changes in her attitude and personality. Olivia is more calm and relaxed and has been able to handle the thunderstorms with little or no effects at all. She is most certainly a happier girl!



My daughter Gabriella had developed warts by her thumb nail and it started to spread. We decided to try using Emotion Code treatments to see if it might work. After a few treatments her warts seemed to get better so we continued until her warts went away completely and they haven’t returned.

Angel/ Ella 4, Pueblo, CO

I’ve always understood emotions were energy and that there was something much deeper that I needed to do to feel better.  I had tried everything from exercise to diet and on and on.  I feel blessed to have found Karen to help me.  This work WORKS!

I feel freedom!  I’m also lighter and brighter.  I’m not incapacitated for days or weeks any more with the depression and anxiety.                                                                                                    Charlene B. 60, Trinidad CO

Kacki has chosen to NOT allow the painful suffering of the chemo therapy side effects to control her life. Thanks and praise for Karen Downey and the Emotion and Body Code work she does.  A major part of total wellness is mental attitude, and getting that component is difficult when you don’t feel well physically. The Emotion and Body Code work has improved my attitude; I am much more positive and I feel a lightness of being. I did not experience an “aha moment,” but a gradual release of old issues that has brought a brighter outlook. This outlook helped me to make the decision to stop endless chemotherapy and its side effects. The things I have learned about myself are so helpful, the trapped emotions made so much sense. I am in a much better place thanks to Karen Downey.

Kacki  Brown 69, Pueblo CO

AngelFor quite a few year i was struggling with something i couldn’t really explain. I was scared and anxious about a lot of things including my own life and well being. It wasn’t until I had a discussion with my Grandma about what I was going through that I was able to figure out what was really wrong with me. I was having depression and anxiety problems. With the help of Karen and the Emotion Code I feel like I can breathe again. It’s certainly life changing to know I can be free of negative emotions weighing on my shoulders any longer.

Angel B. 23, Pueblo CO



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