Karen Downey has energy. A lot of it.

She also has a driving need to help her fellow humans.

The combination led the 70-year-old to pursue her sixth career in Pueblo. Downey is Southeastern Colorado’s only certified Emotion Code System and Body Code System practitioner.

Those systems were developed by Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor with a talent for computer programming who views the brain as the most powerful computer on the planet, according to his website. The practices tap the subconscious mind to hunt out and release suppressed emotions or imbalances that cause physiological health issues, according to the website.

“It’s wonderful,” said Jacqui Sumption. The spry 86-year-old Pueblo woman originally started body code work with Downey because she had chronically cold feet and required a walker.

After a few months of treatments, Sumption walks independently and wears ballet slippers without socks even on the coldest day of the year.

“One time I came through the door and I had a cane, not a walker,” she said, with an emphatic kick of her foot. “A couple of weeks later, I was just walking. Now everything is fine.”

Downey’s past careers in Pueblo range from property management and real estate sales to dance instruction. She has been a massage therapist, a registered nurse and the founder of Jazzercise here.

She worked for five years as a nurse at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo and traveled the world with the Peace Corps.

Then in 2010, she moved to San Diego to retire. That lasted fewer than five years.

“I moved back here because family is all here and . . . I was doing a few massages and reiki and reflexology and it was ‘OK, I’m not done,’ ” Downey said. “I need another passion — passion works the best for me.

“I . . . stumbled on this and it was like ‘Oh,’ I could feel my heart. It was like OK,” she continued, thumping her fist against her chest.

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